Where Is The Flu Vaccine Made? In What Country?

Our pharmacist answers the latest question regarding where the flu vaccine is made.

Sep 25, 2017

Bill asked

Where is the flu vaccine made? In what country?


There are multiple flu vaccines available so their country of origin varies.

The most popular and commonly used flu vaccine this year is known as Flulaval and it is distributed by GlaskoSmithKline. It is manufactured in Quebec City, QC, Canada.

Here is a list of the other vaccines in use this year (2016):

  • Afluria: Distributed by Merck and is manufactured in Parkville, Victoria Australia.
  • Fluarix: Distributed by GSK and is manufactured in Dresden, Germany.
  • Fluvirin: Distributed by Novartis and manufactured in Liverpool UK
  • Fluzone: Distributed by Sanofi Pasteur and manufactured in Swiftwater, PA 18370 USA

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