Taking Omeprazole With Propranolol

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist discusses whether or not propranolol can be taken with omeprazole.

Taking Omeprazole With Propranolol
Jun 01, 2018

Chrissy asked

I take Propranolol 80 mg. I take it to suppress the extra heart beat I have (beta blocker). I need to take Omeprazole for my stomach ulcers. I take Prop at night before I sleep. If I take the Omep during the day, is it safe? Can the two be taken together? How far apart must I take them, if not?


Propranolol StructureThere are no known interactions between propranolol and omeprazole. They are considered safe to take together.

It is always a good idea to look into potential interactions when omeprazole is involved as it alters the pH of the stomach, which can significantly affect the absorption of many drugs. Propranolol absorption fortunately, is not dependent on pH and therefore may be safely taken with omeprazole.

It is important to note however that propranolol is generally recommended to take with food as food (specifically high in protein) can increase the bioavailability (rate and extent of absorption) by nearly 50% according to the prescribing information for the drug.

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