Is Shingrix Safe If You Have A Latex Allergy?

Shingrix does not contain latex.

Sep 09, 2018

marie asked

I have latex allergy. Does the manufacturer of Shingrix have a non-latex syringe plunger?

At a glance

  • Shingrix does not contain latex and is safe for those with a latex allergy.
  • The vial stoppers also do not contain natural rubber latex.


Shingrix, the preferred shingles vaccine indicated for adults aged 50 years and older, does not contain latex and is considered safe for those with a latex allergy.

The Shingrix vaccine is reconstituted with two vials:

  • Adjuvant Suspension Component (Vial 1 of 2)
  • Lyophilized gE Antigen Component (Vial 2 of 2)

The vial stoppers for both the adjuvant suspension and lyophilized gE antigen do not contain latex. The prescribing information for Shingrix puts it very succinctly:

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