Taking Pepcid Complete With Pepcid AC

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist discusses taking Pepcid AC with Pepcid Complete.

Jul 08, 2018

Debi asked

Can I take two Pepcid ac 10 mg chewable at one time? Cannot swallow the Pepcid 20 mg tablets as they aren’t chewable. If that isn’t possible can Pepcid ac 20 mg be crushed ?


You can take two Pepcid AC 10mg tablets to equal a total dose of 20mg of the active ingredient famotidine. That is safe. 

However, according the Pepcid manufacturer website, all strengths of Pepcid AC are not chewable tablets, but are rather swallowed whole. The labeling for the products specifically state to swallow Pepcid AC tablets whole.

If you are referring to whether or not you can take Pepcid AC 10mg with Pepcid Complete (a chewable tablet), which contains 10mg of famotidine, that is fine as well. Pepcid complete simply contains famotidine 10mg and fast acting antacids (Calcium carbonate 800 mg, Magnesium hydroxide 165 mg) so the product will provide both immediate and longer lasting relief.

The important thing is to not go over the maximum daily dose of famotidine, which is 40mg.

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