Should You Take Metamucil Before Or After Meals?

Our pharmacist answers the latest question regarding whether or not your should take Metamucil before or after a meal.

Sep 28, 2017

Bernard asked

Should Metamucil be taken before or after meals?


The directions for Metamucil (Psyllium) fiber don't indicate a preference for dosing before or after meals. People can feel free to take it either way.


Having said that, any type of fiber tends to have a effect on the feeling of satiety (fullness) for people taking it. Multiple studies have shown that dosing fiber BEFORE a meal can significantly reduce the amount of food one consumes during their next meal. In addition, fiber can slow the digestion of food, reducing blood glucose levels and cholesterol as well. Due to these reasons, I usually do recommend taking fiber supplements before meals as you may get more of a health benefit out of it.


It is important to take Metamucil  at least 2 hours before or 2 hours after other oral medications. It's also recommended to take the fiber with at least 8 ounces of fluid and to drink another glass of water after consumption of the dose.


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