Filling Out Of State Controlled Substance In Michigan

The pharmacist discusses whether or not it is legal to fill controlled substance prescriptions in Michigan, written by an out of state doctor.

Filling Out Of State Controlled Substance In Michigan
Jun 20, 2018

Shan asked

I have 2 prescriptions 1 for vyvanse and 1 for zenzedi written in Illinois will i be able to get them filled while I’m on vacation in Michigan?


Filling RxThe answer as to whether or not you can fill your controlled substance prescriptions (Vyvanse and Zenzedi are Schedule II medications) out-of-state depends on the pharmacy/pharmacist filling the medication.

Laws In Michigan Regarding Filling Out Of State Controlled Substances

There is no federal or state law that disallows this practice. Your physician, licensed in Illinois, can legally write a controlled substance prescription that can be filled out of state. For Michigan specifically, Public Act 150 of 2009 allows pharmacists to fill prescriptions for controlled substances that are written by an out-of-state physicians and osteopaths (D.O.), as long as the doctor is licensed to practice and authorized write prescriptions for controlled substances (which presumably there are if they are prescribing Vyvanse and Zenzedi).

Now, whether or not the out-of-state pharmacy will fill the prescription is another story. Many pharmacies have policies that they will not fill out of state controlled substance prescriptions in an effort to prevent/reduce drug diversion, abuse and fraud. If you fill your prescriptions regularly at a national chain, like Walgreens or Rite Aid, it would be prudent to ask your local pharmacist if there is such a policy for that chain.

Communication Is Key

Proper communication is key in a situation like this. It often helps if you can contact the pharmacy you expect to go to on vacation before simply dropping off your prescriptions to inquire about their policies. If your local pharmacy can call the pharmacy you plan on going to (if they are the same company) can certainly help as they can notate in their system that you are a regular patient who going to be at the new location due to being on vacation.

Lastly, your doctor may want to call the pharmacy you will be going to so they can authorize the fill of the out of state prescription. Most pharmacies will call the prescribing doctor if they prescription is out of state, just to make sure the doctor is aware of where their patient is trying to fill it, and to confirm the prescription is legitimate. 

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