Can You Chew Oxycodone Tablets?

In our latest question and answer, we discuss whether or not oxycodone tablets can be chewed.

Nov 09, 2017

MNm asked

Can you chew a 5mg Oxycodone? I have issues swallowing pills and I've heard people say you can't chew pills.


Yes, you can chew immediate release oxycodone tablets if needed, although they are not designed to be administered as a 'chew tab'. 

If you cannot swallow tablets due to a feeding tube or other issues, crushing the tablets and mixing with food is an option to ease administration.

***The above recommendation does NOT apply to any extended release formulation of oxycodone, which includes 'Oxycontin' and 'Oxycodone Extended Release'. If you do not know the form of oxycodone you are taking, please contact your pharmacy or doctor. Cutting, crushing or chewing extended release oxycodone is extremely dangerous and could lead to serious adverse events.

If you can swallow tablets with no hindrances, that is recommend over chewing. Only those that need the dosage form to be crushed for proper administartion should take oxycodone this way. As oxycodone immediate release tablets are not designed to be chewed, the taste will not be palatable for most. The tablets may also have a very chalky texture. If the tablets are simply too big, most immediate release oxycodone tablets have a 'score' mark down the middle of the tablet that makes it easier to split if necessary.

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